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Our 'Joke of the Day' for Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

Why was a shellfish driving a getaway car?
It was a smash and crab raid.

Here are some random jokes

Humorous Car Bumper Stickers
Pigs might fly - this one drives.

Located in the Humorous Car Bumper Stickers section
Jokes about Christmas
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Merry who?
Merry Christmas.

Located in the Jokes about Christmas section
Jokes about Doctors
Doctor, doctor, I feel like a dog.

Located in the Jokes about Doctors section
Jokes about Cannibals
Did you hear what happened to the entertainer who did a show for a tribe of cannibals?
He went down really well.

Located in the Jokes about Cannibals section
Why Did Jokes
Why did the newspaper reporters go to the ice-cream parlour?
They wanted to get a big scoop.

Located in the Why Did Jokes section
Jokes about Witches
What do witches ring for when they are staying in a hotel?
B-room service.

Located in the Jokes about Witches section
Jokes about Marriage
When we got married I told my wife I wanted to set the world on fire. After three years of being married to her I wanted to set myself on fire.

Located in the Jokes about Marriage section
Your Mama Jokes
Yo' momma's so fat, we went to the drive-in and didn't have to pay because we dressed her as a Chevrolet!

Located in the Your Mama Jokes section
Jokes about Elephants
What do you call a clumsy elephant?
Fumble jumbo.

Located in the Jokes about Elephants section
Childrens Jokes
What do snakes do after a fight?
They hiss and make up.

Located in the Childrens Jokes section