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Humorous Intelligence Tests - 1

Here is our selection of humorous intelligence tests.
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What do you serve, even though no one wants to eat it?
A tennis ball.
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Whats the best place to find diamonds?
In a pack of cards.
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What date is a command to go forwards?
March 4th.
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What is cowhide commonly used for?
Holding cows together.
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What is small, brown and carries a suitcase?
A handle.
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What has no legs yet runs down hills?
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What never asks questions, but usually get an answer?
A telephone.
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If two's company and three's a crowd, what is four and five?
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If three man, two women and four children were trying to stand under an umbrella, why didn't any of them get wet?
Because it wasn't raining.
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A farmer had no chickens, he never bought any, no one gave him any, yet he had two eggs for breakfast every morning - how was that possible?
He kept ducks.

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